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Hello there. Sorry you had to go through all the work of clicking that button and find that the store is temporarily closed. We had an unfortunated incident here at the store about a week ago. It would seem that the Critters all decided to have a little "Christmas Party". I really don't want to get into the details as they are much too sordid, but suffice it to say, "never let a pack of Pizzotes plan a party and don't let any group of more than four Monkeys get into the liquor cabinet.

In any case, once the painting, wall papering, unplugging the toilet, getting all the rice pudding off the ceiling fans and repairing the significant structural damage is finished, we will reopen. This will give you a chance to trade your hard earned cash for wonderful DVDs from CritterImages Productions.

Until then, will someone hand me that spatula.....I've got to scrape this tortilla off the ceiling.

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Phillip Slosberg.
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