One of the first things you learn as an underwater photographer is that the subject's eyes must be in sharp focus or the shot just won't work.  Our attention is immediately drawn to the eyes in the photo. Marine critters have a tremendous variation in form, shape and color of their visual apparatus.  Take a look at the eyes below, pick one out and try to guess who the owner might be.  Click on the image to see if you were right.

Click to see who the owner of these fantastic eyelashes isA hint....sometimes he "goes a courting"This fellow hangs out at a site called "Hairball"

This is a rare fish that is seldom seen in the CarribeanThis fellow never changes color in the FallFrom Mars???? Perhaps!

You definitely don't want to put your hand down on this guy!There are lots of these guys around SipadanHas a lot in common with Godzilla

This character can loot in all directions at once...Ah  Pablo

Phillip Slosberg.
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